Earlier this week, media outlets began reporting that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were dissolving their union after six years of marriage. Following the announcement, the internet erupted with rumors about the new people that Kim and Kanye were seeing. While rumors that Kim was seeing news commenter Van Jones began to spread, Kanye was rumored to be in an affair with beauty influencer Jeffree Star. While representatives for Kimye have since stepped forward to deny the outrageous claims, Charlamagne tha God is weighing in on the messy situation in a new Brilliant Idiots podcast interview with Andrew Schulz.  

After Schulz explains the Jeffree Star and Kanye rumors, the 42-year-old brushed was in absolute awe. In disbelief of the rumors, Charlamagne asks where Schulz "where the f*ck" he was getting the information of the affair from.  "I haven't seen that nowhere," said Charlamagne as the hosts claimed Kanye "was out here smoking b*lls," to which the radio host said he was being a "gossip girl" warning him he might end up with a "defamation suit." He then went on to add, "I'm not gon' lie to you I get sad when I see divorce stories."

He then went on to declare that if he were Kanye he would be "suing everybody that's repeating this rumor, there's absolutely no reason for this to be a story," before going on to say, "not everyone should have a voice and you shouldn't be amplifying the voice of a person that got famous for licking toilets," referring to the Tik Tok star that the rumor originated from. 

Lars Niki/WSJ. Magazine Innovators Awards/Getty Images    

Check out the full interview with Charlamagne on the Brilliant Idiots podcast, or skip to around the 14-minute mark of the video to hear his remarks.