Last week on Celebrity Family Feud, Steve Harvey testedKanye West and the Kardashians' knowledge in the show's new season. Although the Wests ended up losing despite Kanye's game show prowess, Kim and Ye still played the "Fast Money" round and ultimately dominated to win money for the charity of their choice. This week, it was time for the personalities from TNT's Inside The NBA to team up against MLB insiders and Charles Barkley made sure to make it an episode to remember. The NBA hall-of-famer has quite the bodacious personality and he made sure to show it off on the episode, giving perhaps one of the worst answers in the program's history. 

When asked what a man might use to cover up his zipper breaking in church, Chuck shockingly and hilariously answered "a child." Steve Harvey was initially dumbfounded by the response, letting out a "wow" before his teammates Shaq, Ernie Johnson, Kenny "The Jet" Smith and Kristen Ledlow denounced him for such a ridiculous answer. Ernie even walked over to the other team out of shame. Barkley attempted to clear up his unusual reasoning, correcting himself and reanswering "a baby." In Chuck's defense, although neither answer quite made sense, it happened to be on the board as "person" with three people agreeing with him. 

When it was revealed as a correct response, Harvey was surprised as he exclaimed, "Person sounds better. Child? Baby!? Damn Chuck." At the end of the day, the points gained from Chuck's answer helped the crew win the game so it may not have been as outrageous as it sounds.