Charles Barkley is well known for being a phenomenal NBA player who also went to college at Auburn. Barkley is one of the best basketball players to ever come out of the school and this year, the team went on an unexpected run in the NCAA March Madness Tournament. The team was a bad call away from making it to the National Finals as they lost to Virginia in heartbreaking fashion. Barkley was there to witness the loss and based on his actions following the game, it's obvious he's still hurting a little bit.

On Sunday, the NCAA hosted a free Katy Perry concert to commemorate the Final Four in Minnesota and at one point, Barkley took to the stage to address the crowd. Instead of offering some words of encouragement to those in attendance, Chuck took the opportunity to tell the crowd how he felt about their NBA team, the Timberwolves.

"I wanna thank Minneapolis, Minnesota you guys have a great, great city," Barkley told the crowd. "I wanna thank y'all for a great weekend. I haven't been here for a long time because the Timberwolves suck."

Barkley was promptly met with a wave of boos which he didn't seem to phased by. It's obvious that the Auburn loss is still hurting him but did he really have to do the Minnesota crowd like that? Probably not, but it's that blunt honesty that makes us love Chuck in the first place.