Hip hop artist and producer Charles Hamilton isn't afraid to speak about how he's influenced many of today's chart-topping artists, and during his sit down with Bedroom Beethovens, he specifically spoke about his relationship with Kanye West. Beginning a little before the 20-minute mark, Hamilton says that West stole an idea of his and used it on "Swagger Like Us," T.I.'s hit feature Ye, Jay Z, and Lil Wayne, an assertion that he's brought up in the past.

"I can see my influence in Kanye West but I choose not to say too much about it because after a while, it ain't about talking," Hamilton said. He was then asked, as an activist who has known West for quite some time, to give his perspective on Ye's recent actions of praising Donald Trump, posting controversial messages on social media, and then blaming his behaviors on mental health issues.

"When I met Kanye West he was sipping champagne with a white woman, so he was already living 75 percent of the black American dream," Hamilton said. "I also, I spit with him or whatever. It is what it is, you got skills or whatever...they kept cutting me off before I was about to go Hamburgalar. So I think them n*ggas know I'm not to be slept on...I played some joints from The Pink Lavalamp for him, and he was about to cry...with his white woman."

Hamilton went on to say, "I might be guilty of giving Kanye more creative props than he really is worth...What shuts me up and what makes me keep my opinion to myself [is that] everybody of whom I have a low opinion or no opinion, because they are factually bullsh*t, have more money documented than I do. So, they're winning. So, if I say, 'Yo, you're a fucking fa***t,' to either Kanye or anybody rapping or at all, all they gotta say is, 'I checked my bank account, I guess today was a good day.' Damn, That shuts the whole conversation down. And I don't get offended when it comes to money talk."