A year after it's release, XXXTentacion's estate is dropping a commemorative clothing line for 17. Unsurprisingly, the merchandise is only available in a all-black colorway. Some of the products being offered are XXXTentacion iPhone cases, t-shirts, pullover hoodies and embroidered snapbacks, all of which can purchased directly on XXXTentacion's online shop, (where the photos were taken).

The sweaters are the priciest products of the bunch. Proceeds will likely be filtered into a fund devoted to XXX's unborn child, pronounced a healthy boy by this unidentified mother.

The snapback features the pre-ripped aesthetic associated with "distressed denim." The textile industry is over the moon with the idea they can charge more for less fabric: "Does that make me sound old?"

Both phone cases come equipped with a digital version of the album. Unfortunately Android users are locked out of the equation.

These 18 x 24 lithographs serve as tour posters that never were. Like all items on the list, these lithographs ship within 3-4 weeks of your pre-order.

Lastly, a vinyl version of the record has been ordered for the audio geeks. Upon submitting your request, the XXX estate will send you a digital album to tide you over while you wait for your physical copy. Unfortunately digital albums won't be offered to anyone outside the United States.