The 2020 elections might not officially over as Donald Trump has plans to challenge the results. However, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are still the President and Vice President-elect of the country. It's a historical win, especially for Kamala who was born to Tamil-Indian and Jamaican parents. She's the first woman to hold that position, the first Black person to hold that position, and the first South Asian to hold that position. 

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

People were celebrating the win globally but back in the United States, Chet Hanks returned to the 'Gram with his cringe-worthy Jamaican accent as he put Donald Trump on blast in Patois.

"Hey, guys. I just want to say, like, now that Trump's leaving the Office, I think it's important to remember that he was the president so we should show some re-SYKE," Chet said as he walked the streets and started speaking in Patois.

"Pussyclaat! Fuck dem rass. Don ah no wan romp wid big boss man Bi-den!" Chet Hanks said while trying to hold back his laughter. 

"Sorry I had to," he captioned the post.

Though his imitation of the Jamaican accent has, and continues, to rub people the wrong way, he did acknowledge the efforts of Black women across America who had a significant role in helping Biden and Harris win the election. Sharing a slide of photos of Kamala Harris, he celebrated her new role as "my vice president-elect."

"Taking advice from black women was the smartest thing I ever did... now our President gets to experience it... Straight like THAT... Was hannennnnnn," he wrote. 

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