Chevy Woods is finally ready to let fans hearGangland 2 today. We last spoke to the Taylor Gang rapper about the project while he was on The Under Influence tour, and now he's embarked on another drug-themed tour, with The Smokers Club tour. We hit up the tour and got to hear Chevy play Gangland 2, so trust, there are bangers on there. Aside from speaking to Chevy about the new mixtape, we also asked him about the status of Cardo and Taylor Gang, since the producer and the crew parted ways.

Chevy Woods' lead single off Gangland 2, "Wit It," is actually a Cardo production, although the rapper says that song happened before Cardo left TGOD. Nonetheless, he assures us that collaborations with Cardo and Taylor Gang will continue, 

"Well, we did that before," Chevy said of "Wit It." He continued to explain that basically, Cardo wanted to do his own thing. "And it's not no bad feelings or anything. There's still work being done regardless. He's still gunna do production, send beats, or whatever, whatever."

While the Taylor Gang family has an affinity for working with their own producers, Chevy said outside of the usual suspects he'd like to work with the producer of the moment Mike WiLL Made It. "I wanna work with Mike WiLL. So Mike WiLL, let's work," Chevy said. "We've crossed paths but it was just at different times where it was a lot of people around, [there were] a lot of conversations I was having, he was having, we only got to say what's up."

In the second part of our conversation with the Pittsburgh native he talks about the BET cyphers and weighs on who killed it.

"He killed it," Chevy said, referring to Kendrick Lamar. "We can just end it there. Everybody else did their thing, but it was just, his was at a higher level, it wasn't a BET cypher for him, I don't think." 

"Kevin Hart was funny, and that's all it was. Some people took it out of context," Chevy added. 

Check out both interview segments below, and make sure to head here to cop Gangland 2 later today!