Black Lives Matter organizer Ariel Atkins emphasized with looters at a recent rally in Chicago, stating that she “[doesn’t] care if somebody decides to loot a Gucci’s or a Macy’s.” “That's a reparation,” she said outside the South Loop police station Monday according to WMAQ-TV. “That makes sure that that person eats. That makes sure that that person has clothes... Anything they want to take, take it because these businesses have insurance.”

Atkins comments reference looting that came along with protests against the Chicago PD's recent shooting of a man in Englewood. This incident sparked a violent weekend where over 100 were arrested, 13 police officers were wounded, and 20-year-old Latrell Allen was shot in his shoulder and taken to University of Chicago hospital after allegedly shooting at officers.

Allen is expected to survive and will face attempted murder charges. “Police say a lot of things,” Atkins said, charging that they “didn’t even have their body cameras on,” a fact confirmed by the cops themselves. 

In response to weekend's events, the city has deployed “multi-layered” security measures” restricting access to downtown Chicago from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. as of Monday. Highway ramps are also closed, bus services are suspended and all but seven of the city’s 18 Loop bridges now have police checkpoints.