News about gun violence in Chicago has been a pressing topic both politically and socially. The reports of rising statistics continue to weigh heavily on the minds and hearts of people who are hoping to eradicate gun violence in the Windy City, and on Tuesday, another distressing report has been shared. According to CBS 2 News, attendees were at a funeral in the neighborhood of Auburn Gresham when a black vehicle drove by and opened fire. 

The gathering was at a funeral home and authorities state that at least 16 people were injured in the drive-by. The suspects continued to open fire through the vehicle's windows as the car made its way down the street and only stopped because it crashed. It was then that the gunmen took off on foot and scattered in various directions.

There were reportedly upwards of 60 shell casings recovered and of the victims taken to the hospital, conditions of five were unknown. There were other victims found down the street from the funeral, as well. A motive for the shooting is unknown, but it's been reported by people on social media that the person that the attendees were holding a funeral for was also the victim of a shooting.

Police were allegedly made aware of a "retaliatory strike at the funeral service." However, authorities said that the police car was at the site because of the funeral's size.