Chicago-based R&B singer Ann Marie (not to be confused with English singer Anne-Marie) is officially back after serving some time for allegedly shooting her boyfriend in the head. The 25-year-old artist was released from jail at the end of last year but it appears as though she wasn't allowed to update her social media since then-- alternatively, she may have just been taking a step away from the limelight before getting back into the thick of it.

On Tuesday, the "Secret" artist made her first post in months, sharing a Fashion Nova-sponsored picture on Instagram and announcing her return. "Back At It!!" she wrote as her caption. Excited fans were quick to send their love to Ann Marie, telling her that they're excited to hear her new music whenever she's ready.

Ann Marie was reportedly arrested in December 2020 when a gun allegedly fell off a table in her hotel room, shooting a man in the head. The victim did not die, but he did sustain life-altering injuries, according to reports. The 911 call was released just a day after her arrest, in which she was screaming for somebody to help her "best friend" over the phone.

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