Sometimes people will be quick to show you just how horrible of a person they can be, but there's a special place in 'H-E-Double Hockey Sticks' for those bold enough (and dumb enough!) to publicly brag about committing murder. 

Sadly, that may have been the case for one Chicago woman who says local rappers made a whole music video where they admit to and depict the murder of her late husband.

Chicago Local Rappers Make Song killing woman's Husband
Image: Scott Olson/Getty Images

CBS Chicago spoke with Asiah Carter, who says the heartless emcees were proud of their heinous feat, telling CBS 2’s Charlie DeMar, "They literally sang about it, and they continue to mock him," further adding, "Its not fair to kill people and mock their families. It’s not trendy."

Her late husband, retired army veteran Aaron Williams, was shot and killed back in August 2020 after stray bullets entered the back of a house in the South Shore neighborhood where he was visiting. Although no one has been arrested in the case thus far, Asiah believes the presence of multiple rap videos that've popped up online are direct confessions to the murder. 

To her benefit, CBS Chicago brought to light a similar case that may help grant Asiah's wishes completely. Take a look below to see what we mean:

"In Maryland, rap lyrics recited into a recorded jailhouse call detailing a crime were used to convict a man of murder. The state’s highest court recently upheld the decision. “It’s very controversial,” said Sanford Ungar, the director of the Free Speech Project at Georgetown University. “The ultimate free speech question here is whether this is on a slippery slope. If you allow a conviction or two or three on the basis of something that someone said.”

Some critics believe the Maryland verdict actually silences art and actually used the word "discriminatory." Let us know what you think should or could be done in this case, which Chicago PD is still investigating, as always down below in the comments: