We haven't heard anything from Chiddy/Chiddy Bang in a minute now. Xaphoon Jones, the producer behind the former duo, left the group last year to leave rapper Chiddy to his own devices. Chiddy has still been performing and using the moniker Chiddy Bang, although a recent show went south quickly when the crowd reportedly got out of hand.

How out of hand? Apparently one woman got hit with a water bottle (!). TMZ reports that Chiddy was hauled off stage by police because the crowd was so "unruly" and the environment wasn't safe. The show took place at Clemson University's homecoming on Friday night. Rather than attempt to calm down the crowd, or better yet, let the crowd have fun, they forced Chiddy off stage during his own show. Chiddy's hypeman attempted to keep things going, but then the cops killed the lights. 

Watch footage from the incident below.