A sweet vindication of a live orchestra did nothing to defuse the agro-energy of Chief Keef's greatest hits. Audiomack made arrangements to see it through, an experimental accord with esteemed "classical" instrumentalists led by a conductor. Three songs were chosen from a catalog that now boasts thousands of titles:  "Faneto," "Love Sosa," & "Belieber."  

The sonic arrangement consisted of a four-person string ensemble kept in stride by the conductor's metronome and an adherence to their own sheet music. Off to the side, a pianist created a rigid bassline for the violinists, viola player, and cellist to perform their accented notes. It's as if the musical troupe paid no attention to verbal slaughter occurring five paces in front of them, and Keef seemed pretty indifferent or "synched" in as well.

This "meta focus" allows Chief Keef to reign himself in as the classically-trained musicians perfect each song's adapted time signature. "Faneto" is no less frenetic than it once was as a beat stencil. "Love Sosa" doesn't gain an unnecessary air of romance through its orchestral arrangement. And lastly, "Belieber," the only 2018 release to undergo a transformation, is perhaps the most "curve fitting" example of a Keef being read under different lines. Check out the trio of performances, you won't be disappointed that you did.