Of all the people you would assume were impacted either personally, musically or sexually by Prince's many broad sweeps, Chief Keef strikes me as the most unlikely fan of Purple Rain. This afternoon, Prince posed for a photo next to a Prince-lookalike, holding the artist's signature Love Symbol Schecter guitar. 

Keef normally spare with his words, simply captioned the photo in plain text: "Purple Rain," no more no less. It's unfair to assume Chief Keef doesn't have an extensive taste in 80s boogie or funk, and as the record states, Keef once alluded to his mistress confusing the blue hundreds he was throwing in the air for a scene out of Purple Rain.

Yep Chief Keef once rapped, "She thinks it's Purple Rain like Prince These blue hundreds what you call a blonde b****? The same n**** how they think that I'm gonna switch?" on "Call me," a 2016 record produced by Zaytoven.

So we find ourselves, two years removed from the passing of Prince, and at least one year removed from the craze that ensued. And of all the people upholding Prince's name in 2018, it's Chief Keef who stands tall in the role of messenger. Who would have thought?