You never know with Chief Keef, as he's one of rap's biggest jokesters, but many of his fans were dismayed when he told them of his retirement on Twitter. According to Sosa, he's been retired, though it's unclear for how long. The surprise revelation comes after he had a prolific 2015, releasing four projects, two of them being official albums, Bang 3 and Bang 3 Pt. 2

A few days ago, one of Sosa's Twitter followers accused him of being inactive musically, and Sosa responded by writing, "I'm retired you didn't know?" His reasoning: "Too many n*ggas sound jus like me or saying shit like almighty would." 

Another fan was shocked at word of Keef's retirement, tweeting at Sosa that the alarming news has got him thinking about having a "shootout" at his school. After requesting that he do otherwise, Keef told the fan that he should strive to become "a ball player or a lawyer or a doctor" and said that he'd recommend any career choice over becoming a rapper. 

Keef leaks have been hitting the web regularly, so it's likely his name will stick around while we wait and see if he does, in fact, hang up the mic. In the meantime, his energy is devoted to preparing for tomorrow's battle against Soulja Boy. The two of them are facing off in GTA V, and the matchup will be streamed online.