Strangely, Chief Keef has had a lot of trouble attempting to throw a benefit concert for an infant killed in Chicago. One-year-old Dillan Harris was hit by the car fleeing from the murder of Keef's friend and collaborator, Capo. While it seemed that certain officials wouldn't allow Harris' family to receive the charity show they deserved, Sosa announced that the event would be held in a secret location in Chicago, so there would be no way of shutting it down.

It seems that the show is actually happening tonight, and will be live-streaming on the net as well. As previously reported, Keef will be performing not in person, but as a hologram, as he still has outstanding warrants with the city of Chicago.

It's become an increasingly strange situation, but it's all for a good cause, and who doesn't want to see Keef perform as a hologram?

You'll probably have to see it to believe it. Tune in below. The show is said to start at 8 PM PST.