According to the Argus Leader, a branch of the USA Today network in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Chief Keef has been denied an attempt to get his drug charges in the state dismissed. The Chicago rapper was arrested in June 2017 at Sioux Falls airport with two ounces of marijuana on his person. Chief Keef was in the midst of leaving the state after wrapping up a Sioux Falls concert when the substances were seized by airport security.

We've learned that a second circuit judge has denied the motion to get the case denied, which fought for its dismissal on the grounds that "THC-infused edibles, which contain THC but no plant material, are not marijuana…but a controlled substance."

Chief Keef's defense attorney argued that South Dakota's definition of a "controlled substance" differs greatly from the state legislature in their section of the country.

"It is difficult to imagine how a person of ordinary intelligence could review the referenced statutes and determine whether marijuana edibles are a 'controlled substance' instead of marijuana," the defense pleaded.

The state of South Dakota has since doubled down in support of the court's decision to uphold the law. The state issued a statement in which pointed out the defense's "inability" to comprehend the purposes of drugs and substances control laws.