The Kansas City Chiefs' gamble to divest from Alex Smith and hand Patrick Mahomes the reins has been a good one. Mahomes achieved the distinction in the 2nd quarter of the ongoing matchup against the San Francisco 49ers, where outgoing QB Alex Smith started his career.

The two individual touchdown passes that culminated in the NFL record were 12 yards in length, the first and second to Demetrius Harris and Sammy Watkins respectively, and a third pass was caught for 4 yards by Chris Conley within the red zone. The touchdown pass to Conley was particularly outstanding. Watch as Mahomes darts out the pocket, and wedges the ball between two defenders. Conley barely has to move his hands because the ball is being telegraphed right to his midsection.

Mahomes threw for 4 touchdowns in the Chief's opener against the Los Angeles Chargers, then he went for he tied a team record the following week with 6 touchdown scores, bringing his total to 10 leading up to this afternoon's matchup with the 49ers. The previous mark of 12 touchdown scores (thrown) in 3 games was set by Colts' legend Peyton Manning when he was playing for the Denver Broncos at the twilight of his career. It's kind of hard to build a case against Patrick Mahomes at this point.