Hours before the Kansas City Chiefs are set to do battle with the New England Patriots with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line, news that Patrick Mahomes might be in line for an NFL record contract has leaked to the public. According to ESPN, NFL insiders close to the Chiefs' organization believe Patrick Mahomes will command a $200 million contract when he becomes eligible for an extension in 2020.

The sources who spoke with ESPN say that although Kansas City is keen on breaking the bank, certain caveats do hang in the balance. For one, complications could arise due to the NFL's tricky collective bargaining agreement, but even so, Mahomes would still receive the projected $200 million ransom, but only a year later than expected.

When those complications are sorted out, Mahomes will most likely supplant Aaron Rodgers for the richest NFL deal on record, a deal that pays the Packers' quarterback $33.5 million a season, on average. Mahomes isn't the only phenom at the quarterback whose team might be looking at things in the same vein. The Rams' Jared Goff and the Eagles' Carson Wentz could also receive longterm offers to stick around, but likely not at the same rate as Mahomes, who in his first full-NFL campaign, is already a betting-odds favorite for the MVP award, and is one win away from a Super Bowl appearance - if everything goes to plan this evening. Tune in at 6:40 pm ET for the opening kickoff of the AFC Championship game.