At this point, it goes without saying that the XXL Freestyle sessions aren't quite what they once were. It's no fault of the participating artists, as the mainstream masses have come to favor a more melodic delivery -- a fact reflected by the recent Freshman classes. Yet that hasn't stopped XXL from carrying on the tradition, putting inductees in the position to showcase their lyrical chops all the same.

Chika XXL Freshman Freestyle

Paras Griffin/Getty Images 

In all honesty, NLE Choppa and Polo G have already held it down admirably, despite their respective styles being far removed from that of a traditional cyphering lyricist. Now, it's Chika's turn to step off, fresh off a Snoop Dogg co-sign and steadily rising in the ranks. Though she only holds it down for a little over forty seconds, Chika proves she's never one to waste words, weaving a tale of romantic conquest. "Pardon my french, who-we, asking around who's she, I swear I gotta get her," she raps. "According to the homies ain't nobody ever met her / but some n***as call her Cindy and the others call her Ella."

The plot only thickens as Chika introduces more details. "Do you think that she be looking for a lady or a fella, judging from the twinkle in her eye got me thinking she be down for whatever," she continues. "I done been around but I never seen a beauty like hers, them curves make a n***a get to stuttering and tripping on words." Be sure to check it out for yourself now, and show some love to Chika in the comment section. Do you think she'll kill the cypher when she steps up?