Following the murder of George Floyd, many throughout the country have taken to the streets to protest and exercise their first amendment rights. Many of the protests have turned into rioting although this is the product of anger that has been building up for centuries. The government has left some people behind and now, many are trying to reclaim their freedom in a way that the government will actually understand.

There have been some massive protests in Atlanta and the entire state of Georgia although there are some disturbing scenes coming from the area. Two separate tweets went viral that depict child soldiers with army fatigues, guns, and riot shields. These soldiers have been placed in front of stores and barricades and seem to be following orders to a tee.

Of all the scenes we have seen thus far, this has to be the most disturbing. Children are not meant to be soldiers and this is a development that you truly wouldn't expect from the United States. While some are questioning the validity of the videos, it seems as though there is reason to believe this is very much real, as much as we wish it wasn't.

Stay tuned for updates on this situation as we will be sure to bring them to you.