All you Donald Glover fans know that tomorrow is the season two premiere of his hit FX series Atlanta. If you're also a fan of his musical endeavors as Childish Gambino, then you'll be happy to know that the "Freaks and Geeks" rapper just announced tickets to an upcoming show.

Taking to Twitter, now being his only tweet on his feed, Donald shares a link to PHAROS, his three-night performance in New Zealand. The link directs you to a site that forces you to download an official app for more information on the event. 

The show is set to take place November 23 - 25 (too far away) and will hear new music from Gambino. Details of the event say each performance will be in a dome, featuring special guests. The importance of your mobile device is mentioned more than once, as having the app will enhance your experience. Tickets are going for $149 USD.

Check out some screenshots we took of the app below.

In 2016, Childish held a similar event in Joshua Tree three months before releasing Awaken My Love! The experience Childish offered to fans was described as "a look inside Donald Glover’s brain; an entire universe he created for a small group of people to experience together.