Donald Glover is currently preparing for the upcoming debut of his "Atlanta" TV series on FX, and he's also engaged in the filming of next summer's "Spider-Man: Homecoming," in which he'll play an undisclosed character. There had been no word if he, or his Childish Gambino persona, had been planning any new music, but he recently piqued the interest of his musical fanbase with the unveiling of a mysterious app called Pharos. 

Users opened the app to find a screen that showed an image of a boundless galaxy, as well as a countdown at the bottom of the screen. As time went on, a planet emerged, and it appeared increasingly closer as the 15-digit number inched toward zero. Certain users who were skilled enough to unlock some information hidden in the app's DNA suspected that Pharos contained links to purchase tickets. It was also discovered that if the app's background music was sped up, one could hear new music from Glover. 

The countdown is now over, and it has been confirmed that Pharos contains a path toward both new music and live performances from Childish Gambino. In fact, it seems that Pharos is the title of Gambino's upcoming album, which he plans to premiere live at the beginning of September with three concerts in the Joshua Tree National Park in California. 

Going off screenshots taken from app, which you can see above, a $99 ticket should cover each of the three Pharos concerts on September 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. Perhaps it will take him all three nights to fully present the album, but regardless, Gambino wants fans to camp out in the desert with him for the whole weekend. 

The pre-sale begins at 9am PST on June 24, and there will be limited capacity. You can download the Pharos app here