Donald Glover, moonlighting as Childish Gambino, made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night to speak about the gravity of his "This is America" video. The video which was released last Weekend has been received as an important relic of our times by many cultural critics. The video features a series of visual references pertaining to America, or at least a failed Nation-Building experiment in the eyes of Glover.

Glover wins plaudits for defining Masculinity and Blackness on his terms, in the guise of a performance piece. He deflected seriousness by engaging with Kimmel's banter. He even sheepishly agreed when Kimmel suggested the highest honor was in passing "Hamster on a Piano" for total views.

Eventually guest and host decided to get serious and tackle the serious commentary commentary elicited by "This is America." Glover although "speaking" in a pointer manner throughout the video, and thematically on his show Atlanta, has been reluctant to view the public's response.

"Some friends have sent like a couple (articles) but to be real, I haven’t been on the internet since Thursday night before Saturday Night Live," he said to Kimmel when asked what to make of the public's reaction. Glover is by all accounts vulnerable to criticism, like anyone else. He admits "I don’t want to be in the mix.. it’s bad for me. I’m really sensitive." It's difficult to come out flying after "taking up the cross." "This is America" is a document far more unaffected than we'd come to expect from an artist in Glover's position.