Let's pretend it's March 2011 for a hot minute and act like Childish Gambino's first EP, simply titled EP, just dropped. So here it is. You may recall the record/music video that really put him over the edge appeared on this short project; "Freaks and Geeks" served as many people's first introduction to the then-rising rapper. The EP would lead up to his debut studio album, Camp, itself preceded by a string of mixtapes which are, to varying degrees, unavailable on the internet currently.

Nonetheless, EP was an important milestone, or perhaps, step, in Gambino's career, as a somewhat established comedian/actor who then turned his focus to rapping. Gambino took a risk, and it pulled off to the millionth degree, perhaps moreso than even he imagined at the time. It's his musical career that seems to have led to the plethora of opportunities he has his hands in today, as opposed to his acting or comedy career (although no shade, those undoubtedly helped). Not to mention, the simple fact of just how much he's progressed and evolved musically since the release of this EP-- just play this and then play Awaken, My Love! immediately following.

Just as he's announced the imminent retirement of the Childish Gambino, he's decided to treat the day one fans to a distribution of EP on all major streaming services -- so even if Gambino doesn't come out with a ton more music, you'll be able to easily go back to play some of his older stuff. We're wondering if R O Y A L T Y will make its way to streaming services too, although that one had some pretty big samples. 

In the meantime, enjoy the re-release of Childish Gambino's EP below.