It's been a long time since Childish Gambino made the transition from comedic actor to a backpacker-esque punchline rapper on Camp. Back then, it felt as if Glover was exploring new territory, and while he did gain a loyal fanbase, some were initially (and vocally) skeptical of his musical trajectory. Fast forward a few years into the future, and Glover has become somewhat of a national treasure. Even those who don't actively listen to his more experimental music will still act as if they do. That's how powerful the Gambino effect has become. And now, should you want to catch him live and direct, time is officially of the essence.

Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images

The end of Childish Gambino isn't an entirely new concept, and we've been bracing ourselves for a minute. Still, the impact is beginning to resonate, following a penultimate concert in the Bay Area. As the headlining act at this year's Outside Lands festivals, Gambino reportedly drew in the largest crowd in festival history, a milestone he acknowledged with pride. A report from Date Book cites his farewell message: "This is the second to last show we will be doing. We’ve been on tour a long time. Always loved coming to The Bay.”

Though Gambino may very well feel the call of the stage before long, consider the end of an era to be upon us all. Did you manage to catch Glover's musical brainchild in the flesh? If so, how did the live experience hold up?