A new Child's Play film is ready to launch, but could the creative team have the audacity to omit the series' star for the first time in 30 years. The new promo campaign for the latest Child's Play revealed its launch date as June 21, 2019. The tour poster and introduction introduce a new antagonist named Buddi in the titular "Chucky" role, in lieu of the doll synonymous with the brand. 

But not everything has been ordered to change. The creative team is still pitching the same tagline in the advent of a reshuffle: "Every child in America deserves a best friend, so we built one." The premise is the same: not all children's stories are created equal. In the horror World, fraught with stare-downs and suspending breathing, Christopher Robins has a two-in-one shot at making it out alive. 

The synopsis provided by MGM Studios provides detail as to the cast and the sequence of events. A mother played by Aubrey Plaza gifts her son (Gabriel Bateman) with a seemingly lifeless toy, unaware of his demonic potency. The rest of the plot summary kind of writes itself.

The first Child's Play, dating back to 1988, was met with immediate by "responsive" parents taking up picket lines outside the MGM offices in protest. Will you bite on a Child's Play remake without Chucky at the helm?