Chinese Rap Group Higher Brothers Drop Off Their New Video "Storm"

Higher Brothers follow-up on their "Type-3" EP with a new video.

The rising Chinese hip-hop group Higher Brothers dropped a four-track EP in February titled Type-3. The project was a chance for each of the four members to take their shot at a solo track to boast their individual talents. DZknow leads the single "Nothing Wrong," Melo covers "5:30AM," Psy.P gives it his all on "AD Milk" and finally, MaSiWei does his thing on "Storm" that we now have a video for.  

The video sees MaSiWei moving around his city during a thunderstorm, rapping about a girl who he can't "just be friends" with. "You’re an angel, you’re a princess, you’re a heart-stealing demon / I’m getting derailed on a high speed train /Loving you makes me lose my mind, rushed down a cliff and crashed."

"50 Cent is my biggest influence. After watching "Get Rich or Die Trying" in middle school, I started looking for more hip-hop music. It eventually inspired me to make my first demo," MaSiWei previously stated.

Peep the video and let us know what you think. 

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