Last Friday, Chingy made a surprising revelation when he voiced his support for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Considering the contempt the hip-hop community has for the current GOP frontrunner, it was unsurprising Chingy was on the receiving end of significant backlash via social media shortly after praising Trump's skills as a businessman, and hence, his suitability for the nation's highest office (which Chingy believes functions like a large corporation). 

Today, Chingy has gone back on his endorsement of the controversial candidate, and he's released something of a video apology to explain his change of heart. 

The video begins with Chingy addressing his fans while a beat quietly plays in the background: "It's been brought to my attention today that the comments I said on Twitter stirred up a lot of controversy throughout the Internet. And because of that I wanna make a few points," said the "Holidae Inn" rapper. 

His first point: "I do NOT endorse Donald Trump. Not whatsoever." 

After renouncing his endorsement, Chingy explained that he initially tweeted out in support of Trump after he had read an article that detailed some of the positive changes Trump's presidency might be able to bring to the country. 

Chingy went on to reveal that his fans have since made him aware of some of Trump's more negative attributes and policy proposals, and he thanked them for informing his decision to no longer support the New York real estate mogul. 

"I actually want to thank the fans who brought this to my attention and made me aware of the negative things he stated. And so I wanna thank them for bringing that to my attention, because now I can definitely tell you I do not endorse Donald Trump." 

The clip ends with Chingy apologizing to anyone who was offended by his initial backing of Trump. 

"I wanna sincerely apologize to anybody out there who was offended by that."