On May 17th, 2015, Queens rapper Chinx was tragically gunned down after a drive by shooting, leaving behind a widow Janelli Caceres-Pickens and many heartbroken fans. While the murder was initially shrouded in mystery, details surfaced in December revealing that Chinx' death was the result of a six year grudge. According to NYPD Lieutenant Richard Rudolph, the Commanding Officer of the Queens South Homicide Squad, Chinx and one of suspects Quincy Homere initially fought during a stint in jail, which eventually escalated into notions of vengeance.

Now, both Quincy Homere and another man by the name of Jamar Hill are standing trial for the murder, coming face to face with Chinx' widow for the first time. Fox 5 reports that both men have plead not guilty, and accounts the difficult faced by Ms. Caceres-Pickens in having to face her husband's killers. "It gets harder and harder every time just to literally stare someone in the eyes and not be able to say anything," Caceres-Pickens says. "It's hard, it's hard. A lot of emotions run through you."

As of now, it's unknown whether or not the two men will be offered a plea deal, or if they will ultimately stand trial. Either way, Caceres-Pickens will be there every step of the way. "It's just a waiting process. It's an emotional roller coaster—you come in, you have to see them, you have to face them," Caceres-Pickens says. "The feelings just run through you all over again." For more details on the case, check out the video below, courtesy of Fox 5 News.