This past Tuesday (May 17) marked the one-year anniversary of death of Lionel Pickens, better known as Queens rapper Chinx, who was signed to French Montana's Coke Boy Records. Many used the occasion to celebrate his legacy, but Chinx's mother, Veronica Clinton, is still demanding answers as to what happened to her son and why no one has been held accountable. She also feels "disrespected" by two of Chinx's most prominent associates in the hip-hop world, Diddy and French Montana. 

A year after Chinx's death, Mrs. Clinton joined a sizable crowd who had gathered in Queens, near the site of his murder, to mourn his passing. A reporter from Fox 5 New York was at the scene, and she spoke to Clinton upon hearing her offer grievances on how she's been ignored by French and Diddy in the wake of her son's killing. 

"They ain't said nothing to me since my child been dead. Even when my child was dead, they didn't say nothing to me," said Clinton. "They need to come and see me," she continued. 

When asked why she wants the two Bad Boy rappers to come and see her, Clinton responded, "Because I'm Lionel's mother. I need answers, that's why." 

Clinton then seemed to imply that French has some insider's knowledge on why her son was killed. Apparently she had approached French at Chinx's funeral and asked him, "Why did y'all do that to my child?" French's alleged response: "Because he wouldn't listen." Their conversation reportedly didn't last much longer than that brief exchange: "I told French you're not his father, but I am his mother...and there were no more words after that." 

Watch footage of Clinton's message for French and Diddy below.