Who knew burritos balled this hard? The CEO's at Chipotle are apparently making more money than any other heads in the corporate world. According to Complex, Steve Ells and Monty Moran, the two co-CEO's at Chipotle, are raking in insane amounts of money from their massive Mexican food enterprise. This is what Complex quotes from a recent piece in Fast Company:

"Ells and Moran together took home $57 million in compensation in 2014, more than the total pay packages of the CEOs of Apple, McDonald’s, Nike, and Goldman Sachs combined."

Apparently, it would take a Chipotle food-prep employee over 1000 years to make that single year of earnings.

This information all comes after numerous Chipotle restaurants have been forced to close recently because of a massive E. Coli outbreak. From the look of it, the burrito kings are doing just fine.

Do you think  this kind of disparity in salary is okay, or this just all a part of the American Dream? Also, who's hungry?