Here's some troubling news for you. It turns out that, right now, there are more people than ever walking around the country with a sexually transmitted disease. We all know to be safe when engaging in sexual activities. There are several methods to prevent contracting any type of STI but, statistically speaking, condoms are your best shot. According to a new study conducted by the CDC though, STD rates have gone through the roof in the last year with a new record being set among Americans.

Threatening millions of people in the United States, the number of people suffering from chlamydia, gonorrhea abd syphilis has officially reached an all-time high. The CDC report notes that over 2.4 million people were infected with one of the three diseases in 2018, marking the highest tally ever in the States. The study shows that chlamydia was by far the most common of the three, affecting over 1.75 million people. In terms of gonorrhea and syphilis patients, the number for both infections rose exponentially throughout the last two decades. Both are currently at their highest-reported numbers in twenty-eight years.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The reason why these numbers have grown so much should be clear. However, the CDC explains that lack of condom use, poverty, drug use and more are the most common causes. 

Protect yourself.