On Saturday morning, Chloe Bailey, aka one half of duo Chloe x Halle, took to her personal Instagram to tell her fans good morning. She did so while smudging her bedroom with sage and dancing around wearing only a t-shirt and underwear. Fans were, understandably, excited by the video, which showed off her curvy figure. She captioned the video, “good vibes onlyyyy,” alongside the evil eye emoji. 

Chloe’s comments were immediately flooded with fans praising the video, including sentiments like, “Yeah that personal Gram was A GREAT move,” “Chloe you got a lotta dip on your chip,” and “Chloe if you want us to see that thang, thangin’ just say that.”

Chloe and Halle Bailey decided to make their own personal Instagram accounts in mid-January, as they previously shared one joint account for their music. Ever since the inception of the accounts, Chloe has been gracing the internet with several thirst traps, including her iconic #BussItChallenge. 

Twitter also had a lot to say about the new video. 








Chloe x Halle’s 2020 album Ungodly Hour was met with much critical praise and included their breakout single “Do It”, which was later remixed with Doja Cat, City Girls, and Mulatto. The album was incredibly thoughtful and introspective, garnering attention from artists of virtually every genre. 

Chloe certainly seems to be living her best life in 2021, as she should!