During his early seasons in the league, Chris Bosh was a beast with the Toronto Raptors. At the time, the team was struggling in the absence of Vince Carter and they needed someone who could carry the team to greatness. For the most part, Bosh could only do so much as he took the team to the playoffs, but couldn't turn them into contenders. He knew that he needed some help and in 2010, that help came as he was able to link up with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade on the Miami Heat.

From there, Bosh won two NBA titles and he cemented himself as a star player in the NBA. Recently, Bosh got to talk about his decision to join the Heat, on SiriusXM Radio. As one can imagine, Bosh's motivations were always pure and they were driven by his desire to win a title and be mentioned among some of the best names to ever do it.

Chris Bosh

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“One message in particular stuck out in my head saying, ‘You want to play on the big stage.’ That always stuck with me. I wanted to compete for a championship," Bosh said via Fadeaway World. "I wanted to be like Jordan. I wanted to be like Kobe. I wanted to be like Tim Duncan. Those guys elevated their game and got with the Boston (Celtics), and now they’re playing at that level. I wanted to play at that level. That was the most important thing to me.”

While Bosh's career was cut short due to blood clot issues, he remains a beloved player in the history of the Heat. The team even retired his number this past season, and moving forward, he will continue to be looked at as the most sympathetic player on those big three championship teams.

Chris Bosh

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