Chris Bosh is already in the Basketball Hall of Fame, although that has not stopped fans from asking if he will ever come back to the NBA. Bosh was forced to retire a few years ago due to blood clot issues, and it was a huge blow to the Miami Heat given everything he had done for the organization. Luckily, his contributions were enough to get him into the Hall of Fame and receive recognition amongst some of the best to ever play the game.

As for the Miami Heat, they are currently dealing with an abundance of COVID cases, and it forced them to sign former Heat star Mario Chalmers. Of course, Chalmers played with Bosh, and the story inspired Bosh to tease fans with a potential return.

Chris Bosh

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

"Hey @mchalmers15 tell them we can bring back the ol pick and roll! Let’s get the band back together! I’m in shape," Bosh wrote. It remains to be seen if Bosh was actually serious about making a return, although for now, we will venture a guess and say this was simply a joke. After all, Bosh does have health issues that could prevent him from taking the court.

If he were to return, however, it would be a huge win for the Heat fanbase. Bosh is a beloved player and it would certainly be a fun comeback story to commence 2022.