Controversy continues to swim around Chris Brown's life. When he's not at home, in the studio, or on tour, you better believe he's spending time in a courthouse. It's unfortunate that Breezy's career has turned out like this. He remains ultra-talented but public perception of the artist is still so low for the most part. This year alone, Chris has already had to fight off several lawsuits and this week, he reportedly failed to appear in court after a woman alleged that he raped her in France and lawyers on the case are now saying that because of his non-appearance, he disrespected the French court of law.

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

As reported by Billboard, Chris Brown is being accused of disrespecting both his alleged victim and the French court by the lawyer representing the woman making the allegations. Brown has reportedly been acting above the law with the lawyer stating he "has thumbed his nose at and shown disrespect for the French legal system."

At the beginning of this year, the singer was arrested in Paris and he has fired back against his accuser, calling her allegations "fake." One lawyer on the case has said that Brown was not "legally obliged" to attend the court hearing in question but still, people like Gloria Allred have referred to his dismissal as "unfair." 

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