Chris Brown is a fixture on TMZ at this point, and today, he's challenging yet another report from the site, addressing a man by the name of Malek Mokrani's claim that the singer injured him at a recent club appearance. While TMZ originally referred to Mokrani as a fan, and provided a clip of Brown seemingly stepping on a man's head while performing, Chris has contested their story, suggesting that while there was something of an incident at the Cannes night club, it was with security, who began the conflict by "assaulting" him.

"I'll let you know this, before the tour started, the One Hell of a Nite tour...we went to Cannes, Gotha night club. I was hosting. No fans were hurt by Chris Brown. No fans were beat up by Chris Brown. I met the owner, shook his hand, and we partied and everything else," he said in a clip posted to Instagram. "His staff though -- security -- I don't think he probably knew who I was. I don't care, but he assaulted me. Grabbed his around my throat and tried to push me out this spot when we were walking... my security was already advanced to another spot."

His description of what happened next was a little more vague, saying, "We handled the situation accordingly and moved on."

Watch the clip from TMZ and Brown's response below.