Royalty Brown is one of the cutest celebrity children on this planet. In every picture shared of her, she looks like the most precious, happy kid in the world. As she is set to celebrate her fourth birthday at the end of this month, father Chris Brown is making sure to spend as much time as possible with RoRo. Just a few days ago, Royalty's mom, Nia Guzman, posted a photo of her daughter looking as royal as she ever has, decked out in a princess outfit. Today, both Nia and Breezy took to the 'gram to show their cheerful daughter chilling with daddy Brown himself.

Perhaps an early birthday gift, Chris and Royalty posed for some photos with an adorable puppy, sticking their tongues out playfully in the shot. The singer's version of the photo is in black & white while Nia opted for a color version, showing Breezy looking at his daughter in adoration. Chris used the caption "DOUBLE DRAGONS," which is likely an inside joke between father and daughter.

In music, Chris is hustling hard after dropping Heartbreak on a Full Moon last year, collaborating with H.E.R. for a remix of "Focus" and continuing to work with Joyner Lucas on new tracks. Royalty Brown is growing up incredibly quickly and as she continues to evolve into her adult form, Chris and her mother Nia look on with so much love.