It's becoming predominantly clear that Chris Brown has very strong genes. Welcoming his newborn son Aeko Catori Brown into the world with his ex-girlfriend Ammika Harris several weeks ago, the recording artist just can't get enough of his baby boy. Brown has proven to be a devoted father to his daughter Royalty, posting his favorite memories with her on the regular. So far, Aeko is getting the same treatment. CB has been sharing a flurry of images of the newborn on his social media pages, revealing his name to the world and even posting a side-by-side comparison of himself and his son when he was just a little one. Fans are amazed at just how similar they look.

In a since-deleted post, Chris Brown remarked the similarities between himself and baby Aeko, asking everyone to take a close look at their shared facial features. "He just stole my whole face," joked the singer. "AEKO on the left, BREEZY on the right."

These two could seriously pass as twins. From their eyes, nose and lips, Aeko and Chris look damn-near identical in their baby pictures, which means that Brown's son has a chance at stealing tons of girls' hearts when he starts school. One thing is for sure: Aeko and Royalty and already the best-looking kids on the block. Take a look at the comparison pics below.