There was drama all across the web last night. Nicki Minaj took to twitter to air out her frustrations with ex-boyfriend Safaree Samuels, Azealia Banks got into it with a 14-year old Disney star, and Chris Brown and Kevin McCall had some r'n'beef of their own.

The two singers have beefed on social media in the past, in March they shared digs at each other on Instagram and twitter. This most recent bout of beef seems to stem from McCall's rocky relationship with his baby mama Eva Marcille. There have been domestic abuse allegations, which apparently led Eva to get a restraining order on McCall, and as well as full custody of their daughter together. Now that Eva has a new man, McCall appears to be upset, and in an Instagram post (since deleted) possibly targeting Eva's new boyfriend McCall wrote, 

"Whoever want a fade, come get it. Don't send threats no more on IG, though. Let's link up in person. I don't know why all these light skin n*ggaz wanna be bad on IG. Catch the fade and let's keep it pushing. We don't have to drag none of these events out like ya'll do," He continued, "To all of @evamarcille brothers, if you really need to believe I even laid a finger on her, let's meet up and run three fades back-to-back. Just me by myself and whoever." 

A follower responded to McCall's post, saying that "first on the list" is "corny ass Chris Brown," to which McCall said, "He's a pussy. Fuck that loser he gonna overdose before he 30."

Things spiralled from there. McCall tweeted, "One tweet from you could have 20 million people doing ANYTHING u say...and u choose to gangbang? That's hellllllla ghey."  

He continued, "When I no longer have any ties to @chrisbrown I'll chill. He stole from two babies and stole from me HE knows that. Fade and paperwork?"

"@chrisbrown can we run the one on one to get me out your Cbe contract and any money you ever stole from me? Don't tweet call I'll answer!" He added, "@chrisbrown hit my line champ. Tired of being brought up in sentence with a legit woman beater not just an alleged one oops. All jokes aside yet or you ready to end before sundown...if u let it drag out you a hoe it's that easy. Lol call me Ike brown"

C Breezy didn't take this all lying down, he issued a few responses of his own on Instagram, one of which was a meme. Take a look at their back-and-forth and try to figure it all out for yourself below. Good luck.