Don't pretend you didn't know. Chris Brown doesn't let his buds get behind the wheel of any of prized automobiles, all because someone crashed his Aventador last January. That doesn't mean he won't showboat when he feels the need. As you can see (down below) Chris Brown's car collection is something to marvel at. The Rolls Royce looks clean, the Porsche Cayenne more than serviceable. That gold plated supercar to the left of the camera is something you can't even buy off the showroom floor, even with the right connections. 

On the other hand, Wiz Khalifa is a "real mothafuckin' player," when it comes picking the right paint job. His car collection is something out of a Blaxploitation film. As you can see, the man likes to shop "Vintage." His Chevy El Camino has a two-fold racing strip, and that's only what we see on the surface, who knows what's under the scoop? He's got the drop tops lined up, one outfitted with special decals, the type detail you can't apply by hand or with a glue gun. Wiz even shows off his Mustang, which by all accounts is pretty "middle of the road," but his looks a little angrier than the one's you see on the road.