If you PPV'd the Tyson/Jones fight last night, you definitely got your money's worth. Between the influx of performances that had people at home feeling like they were at Coachella and Snoop Dogg's commentary, the match-ups produced some highlights and memes. It was Nate Robinson's knock-out that left an impression across the world. 

Celebrities from across the board took to Instagram to react to the fight. Jim Jones was shocked while Rick Ross waited to see Robinson awake before he started laughing. Even then, Ross offered some encouragement for Robinson in the wake of the #NateRobinsonChallenge that's been taking the Internet by storm.

Chris Brown also chimed in on the conversation, though he had little words to offer. Instead, he shared a video of himself watching the fight on a massive TV with a grin from ear to ear as Jake Paul caught his breath. "Bruh...," Brown captioned the post as he bursts into laughter like everyone else. He later shared a meme of who he believes trained Nate Robinson. 

While Nate Robinson will remain a punchline for the days to come, he issued a statement earlier today following his loss. The former NBA player thanked everyone for their well wishes, despite the fight not ending on the note he would've liked. 

Check out Chris Brown's reaction below.