Another countersuit has been filed by Chris Brown. Last week we heard Breezy was countersuing Frank Ocean's cousin regarding their studio brawl, and this week Chris' lawyer has filed another counter lawsuit, against another reported incident, with Deanna Gines.

As we reported initially, Deanna Gines was in the V.I.P. section of Heat Ultra Lounge in the O.C. when she alleges that Chris threw her to the ground at the end of the night (leaving her with a torn ligament in her right knee). The club owner contradicts Gines' claims, saying that the 24-year old repeatedly attempted to jump on stage during Chris' performance and also tried to rush him after his set, which resulted in the young lady getting kicked out. While security guards were removing her from the club, she allegedly kicked off her heels and threw them at the security guards.

Nonetheless, Gines went ahead with a $25,000 lawsuit against the r'n'b singer. Chris has now responded with a defamation countersuit, saying Gines is either a complete liar and just after a pay day, or she's trying to deflect the blame for an embarrassing and drunken night. In his lawsuit, Brown claims that Gines lied about having contact with him, as he had security around him the entire night. He states that Gines was "heavily intoxicated and falling over herself in a drunken stupor throughout the night."

Brown went on to say that Gines was walking fine the entire night, and was "confused" about which leg she had allegedly injured.