Davido's dual-citizenship in America is a little known fact, that has somehow eluded the public and the press all the same. The time he's spent moonlighting in Atlanta, Georgia is partially what renders him an ideal suitor to American audiences. Yet, in choosing Chris Brown as the collaborative guest for his forthcoming single "Blow My Mind," Davido has undoubtedly accepted that some might pigeonhole him by association. Conversely, a Chris Brown feature still goes a long way in cementing his place within the contemporary Hip-Hop/R&B scene in NA, in spite of the double-edged nature of the song placement.

As reported, News Agency of Nigeria, and by Davido himself: the cover art for the single is ready for consumption, whereas the song itself is still in the bureaucratic phase of post-production. “Verified. Coming soon!” Davido clamored on about via Twitter. Davido was kind enough to inform the Instagrammers of the same news bulletin. Within Nigeria, he was the first IGer to surpass the thresholds of 1 million, 2 million, 5 million, and 9 million followers on Instagram in successive fashion.

He currently sits at 11 million follows and counting, with his sights set on BIGGER and badder plaudits. "Fall," the single that caused much of the world to stop and take notice, is the lone Afrobeats music video to garner over 100 million views on YouTube. Keep it peeled for "Blow My Mind," with Chris Brown to come out in the coming hours/days.