Last week, Chris Brown saw some backlash after he posted a clip on social media of his daughter holding a baby monkey in her arms (see below). Fans were saying the monkey posed a danger to Royalty, and it belonged in the wild. However, it turns out that everyone jumped to an early conclusion and the monkey isn’t even Royalty’s like everyone thought, but rather it's Chris’ new pet.

According to TMZ, Chris bought the capuchin monkey about 2 months ago and named her Fiji. The pet will see Breezy’s home as her only residence, and that's the only place Royalty will get to see her too. The monkey's not allowed to go to her mom, Nia Guzman's house. While this might make things a little more safer for Royalty, it still doesn’t change the fact that Fiji still won't be in the wild, which will always be a talking point for the haters.

Apparently, sources say Chris was inspired by Michael Jackson and his relationship with his pet monkey Bubbles, therefore he wanted one as well. There’s no word as for how much Breezy had to fork over for Fiji, but they usually go for a few thousand, which is chump change for him.

This news comes just a week after Chris was spotted hanging out with Indonesian pop star, Agnez Mo, which has since fueled rumors that the two are now dating.

We’ll keep you posted on the latest with Breezy moving forward. In the meantime, revisit his newly-released double album, Heartbreak On A Full Moon, right here on HNHH.