On Friday, a report that Chris Brown and his entourage had done extensive damage to a Villa they had rented in Ibiza came through TMZ, and Chris is now disputing the reports with video evidence.

Seemingly expecting false claims from the landlord, the singer has shared footage he took of the space just before he left, claiming that absolutely no damage was done while he and his crew were present. "If y’all see some bullshit on TMZ -- them saying 'Chris Brown and them trashed the house,' or whatever, that’s he landlords trying to get money," he said.

He also recorded a video after the fact, claiming that, as he predicted, the landlords had tried to pin damages on him. "They called the police and did all kind of things without even being in the house, allocating all of these different damages that are non-existent. It doesn’t make sense," he said.

According to TMZ, the landlord is looking for $26,000 in rent, and $60,000 including the damages, which they claim include urine on a bed (???) and vomit "everywhere".

Watch his address (compiled from a series of Instagram videos) below. Do you think he has enough evidence to get him out of the suit.