There’s no use hiding it: Chris Brown is 100% head over heels for his girlfriend and son’s mother, Ammika Harris. The singer and model have appeared to be back on for several months now, despite having split by the time their baby boy, Aeko Catori, was born last November. However, it's become more and more obvious that the two of them are not only back together, but positively smitten for one another. On Wednesday (July 1st), the singer hopped in the comments of his lady's latest Instagram post to let her know how flawless she is. In the photo, Ammika shows off her side profile while she looks off into the distance.

She captioned the post, "details," to which Chris said, "Every single detail is AMAZING about you." She let him know that the loving feeling's mutual by replying with an all-caps "I LOVE YOU!!"

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The couple had been separated from one another for quite some time during quarantine, as Ammika and Aeko were stuck in Germany after Trump banned travel to and from Europe. While it's unclear whether the mother-son duo have managed to make it back to the U.S. yet, Ammika did post a photo of the definition for the word "home" on Instagram earlier this week, implying that she might be heading back soon.