Once again, Chris Brown let his temper get the best of him, as he exploded on a valet last night in L.A. The r'n'b singer was leaving a bowling alley when he exploded on the valet for a $10 service charge.

TMZ reports that the incident went down at PINZ bowling alley in Studio City, where Breezy had been attending a charity event with his crew. When Chris went to go get his car from the valet, the valet asked for a $10 service charge, and Chris got pissed. Chris and his entourage surrounded the valet, who insisted he couldn't give back Brown's car without the $10. Eventually, Brown says "fuck ten dollars."

Sources say that Breezy was so upset with the valet because he was only at the event for thirty minutes, and so he felt like he was being ripped off. As Breezy and his entourage continued to heckle the valet, someone in the crew says,"We got the money ... don't worry about it." However, the r'n'b singer doesn't let it go that easy, saying, "We gonna turn this whole thing on out." 

Chris eventually got back his car and left the location, it's unclear whether or not he actually paid the ten bucks.

TMZ has footage of the confrontation, check it out below.

[UPDATE: TMZ has obtained new footage of the incident]

New footage has surfaced of Chris Brown and the valet, where you can hear more clearly as Breezy swears at the valet. Check it out below.