If you've followed Chris Brown's career from the beginning, you know that he's always excelled as a dancer. The performer is somewhat of a quadruple threat when it comes to the arts. He can sing, dance, rap and act with the best of them. He's also proven himself to be quite the visual artist as well. While controversy has followed him for the majority of his career, it's difficult not to take note of just how talented Breezy is. He pulls stuff like this all the time, which is part of the reason why it's so impressive, but he decided to show off some Matrix-inspired dance moves that he did during a performance.

Brown chose to highlight a particular moment in his choreography where he leans back to dip super low to the ground, using his core strength to get back up from the move. It's unclear when the performance took place but considering his hairstyle is noticeably different from the one he's been rocking recently, this is likely a throwback. Still remarkable though.

It's also pretty noteworthy that he's holding the microphone that far from his mouth when he hits the high notes. Just goes to show you how powerful the man's voice really is. Check out his ever-impressive moves below.